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Other Visas

Immigrant Visas


·        EB-1

o   Extraordinary Abilities

o   Outstanding Researchers/Professors

o   Multinational Managers/Executives


·        EB-2

o   Advanced Degrees

o   Exceptional Abilities

o   National Interest Waiver


·        EB-3

o   Skilled Workers

o   Professionals

o   Unskilled Workers


·        EB-4 – Special Category Immigrants


·        EB-5 – Alien Entrepreneur Investors


Non-Immigrant Visas


·        B Visas – Visitors

o   B-1 – Business Visitor

o   B-2 – Tourist Visitor

o   B-1/B-2 – Business or Pleasure Visitor


·        E Visas – International Treaty Visas

o   E-1 – Treaty Traders

o   E-2 – Treaty Investors

o   E-3 – Treaty Specialty Occupation Professionals


·        F Visas – Education

o   F-1 – Students

o   F-2 – Spouse and Children of F-1 Sudents


·        H Visas – Non-Immigrant Workers

o   H-1B – Specialty Occupation Workers

o   H-2A – Temporary or Seasonal Agricultural Workers

o   H-2B – Temporary or Seasonal Non-Agricultural Workers

o   H-3 – Trainees and Special Education Exchange Visitors

o   H-4 – Spouse and Children H Visa Workers


·        J Visas – Exchange Visitor Program

o   J-1 – Exchange Visitors

o   J-2 – Spouse and Children of J-1 Exchange Visitors

·        K Visas – Fiancés

·        L Visas – Intracompany Transferees

o   L-1A – Executives and Managers

o   L-1B – Specialized Knowledge Transferee

o   L-2 – Spouse and Children of L-1 Visa Transferees


·        O Visas - Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

o   O-1A – Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences, Education, Business, or Athleics

o   O-1B – Extraordinary Ability in the Arts or Extraordinary Achievement in Motion Picture of Television Industry

o   O-2 – Individuals Accompanying O-1 Visa Holders

o   O-3 – Spouse and Children of O-1 Visa Holders


·        R Visas – Religious Workers

o   R-1 – Temporary Religious Workers

o   R-2 – Spouse and Children of R-1 Visa Workers


·        TN Visas – NAFTA Professionals

o   TN-1 – Canadian Professionals

o   TN-2 – Mexican Professionals

o   TD-1 – Spouse and Dependents of TN-1 Visa Professionals

o   TD-2 – Spouse and Dependents of TD-2 Visa Professionals


Other Services


·        Family petitions for relatives


·        Waivers for individuals with inadmissibility bars


·        Parole for emergency travel to the United States

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