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Service Fees

Our Fee Policy:

Free Consultation: We will assess the facts of your case and propose the best immigration option for approval.
2.    Dedication: Once a decision is made to proceed, we will work to complete and submit your case as expeditiously as possible.
3.    No Approval, No Charge:
a.    IOLA: All attorney fees paid to our firm will be deposited and maintained in an IOLA account until the approval of your case. An IOLA account is a registered attorney account designed to protect and secure clients’ funds. Fees put in the IOLA account belong to clients and may not be acquired by the law firm or attorney until approval or refund.
          b.    Full Refund, Free Appeal, or Unlimited Free Refiles: We are confident in our ability to represent you professionally and successfully. However, if your case is denied, we will refund 100% of all attorney fees paid or appeal your case or refile your case for free on an unlimited basis. Such free appeal or refiles must be legally feasible and the free refiles must be based on the same visa category as the initial case.
          c.    H-1B Lottery: For H-1B cases rejected in the USCIS annual H-1B lottery, we will refund 50% of all attorney fees paid or refile your case for free each year until it is accepted.
4.    Free RFE. We do not charge extra for responses to Requests for Evidence.
5.    Client Consent: Please note that the attorney fees and refund guarantees listed above may vary based on case complexity and custom service package options. All variable fees are conditioned on client consent.

Government Filing Fees:

·    Temporary Employment Petitions (H-1B, L-1, etc): $460 + applicable company fees
·    Permanent Employment Petitions (EB-1, EB-2, EB-3): $700
·    Investment Petitions (EB-5): Form I-526: $3,675; Form I-829: $3,750
·    PERM – No fees for Department of Labor
·    Adjustment of Status: $1,225 per person
·    Change of Status: $370 per person
·    Immigrant Visa: $345 NVC fee + $220 USCIS fee per person
·    Nonimmigrant Visa: $190 – $265, based on category per person

(Please note a case may require multiple filing fees)

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